We are proud to be a valued part of our local community.

Our Tansley Woods veterinary clinic has been providing care for pets in the neighbourhood and surrounding Burlington area since its opening in 1997. In that time, we’ve spread valuable pet care information to our clients and community, as well as contributed to The Farley Foundation and Ride for Farley fundraiser.

The Farley Foundation was created by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) to subsidize the cost of non-elective veterinary care for owners who are unable to afford unexpected or emergency treatment for their sick pets. Over five million dollars has been received by over 12, 200 pets including 7190 dogs, 4890 cats, 51 birds, 18 guinea pigs, and one Chinese water dragon! 

The Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley is an annual cycling fundraiser that brings veterinary professionals together to cycle 50, 100 or 160 km in support of the Farley Foundation. In 2021, we set a challenge to help raise over $10,000, which we smashed, and as a result, Dr. Wimmers dyed his Covid beard bright blue!

If you can please consider making a donation to the Farley Foundation

happy golden retriever sitting by doorway